The Fish and the best time to catch them
  • Halibut: Fishing starts in April, is great during the summer and continues through September, but winds and autumn tides keep most boats in the harbor or driveway that way.
  • King Salmon: The run generally lasts from May until early June in the Saltwater.
  • Silver Salmon(Coho): Prime fishing is from late July to early August.
Species King Salmon Silver Salmon Halibut
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What should I bring?

  • Food and beverages for the trip. (normally 4-8 hours)
  • Cooler or container for your catch.
  • Alaska Fishing License and/or King Salmon Stamps
  • Rain gear & warm clothes.
  • Waterproof boots or shoes.
  • Your Camera… Because nobody is gonna believe the size of these fish!

Where are you Located? 

Ninilchik, Alaska on the Kenai peninsula. Check our home page for a link on google maps and exact directions.

Recommendations for booking a charter

I recommend booking your fishing charter early in your trip to Alaska. The purpose behind this is just incase you get a windy day and can’t go fishing. This will allow us time to try and reschedule your fishing trip. This will also allow your catch time to freeze, so you can take it home with you on the airplane. We can also arrange for it to be shippied which is a lot more convenient, but costs a little extra.

Tell me about the “Fishing Fool”

Welcome fisherman! I am the owner/operator of Fishing Fool Charters. I have been fishing cook inlet waters since 1988 when I arrived in Alaska. My knowledge, skill and experience will lead you to fish. It is our goal to ensure you catch fish and enjoy your fishing experience while in this great state. Gear, bait, and fish cleaning is provided. We are more than happy to remove the skin from the meat. I encourage the young and old to give it a try. Just bring plenty of energy. You and your catch will be properly cared for. I look forward to taking you fishing.

-Jeff Glosser / Fishing Fool Charters